Girls’ Getaways

I’ve been to New York City 9 times in the past 15 years and each excursion has expanded my obsession. Full of an incredible energy, NYC is the perfect place for a girl’s getaway.

Word of my crazy spreadsheet has gotten out & several friends have asked me to plan or even take them with me on my next NYC trip. So, let’s go!

Grab your closest gal pals and let’s take a fabulously fun trip to The Big Apple. I’ll help you plan a custom itinerary AND I’ll tag along and be your personal tour guide, helping you with everything from navigating through the city to managing dinner reservations. You pick the friends, time & budget & I’ll handle everything, with the help of Walker Destination Travel.

  • private hassle-free airport transfers

  • professional photo shoot in location of your choice

  • customized itineraries to fit your wishes + budget

  • friendly + flexible tour guide that will adjust plans, schedules & reservations as the trip evolves

Girls’ Getaway Planner - New York

Name *
Do you have specific dates in mind or a general time of year? How many days would like to stay? What days of the week would work best for your schedule?
Tell me about your travel companions. Names & relationship to you would be helpful in planning the perfect trip.
Everyone has different reasons they've been dreaming of an NYC getaway. Why NYC? What is on your list for Must See or Do? Are you inspired by any movies or TV shows?
Are there any TV show or movie set locations you'd like to visit?
Do you enjoy an occasional adult cocktail?
What kind of shopping would you like included? check all that apply
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Any iconic restaurants you are dying to try? Please list
Would you like to visit any museums? Please check all that interest you. If selected, one museum will be added to your itinerary. If you'd like to add more, let me know.
Broadway Shows
Please list any specific shows you'd like to see and how much you'd like to spend (tickets can run bout $100-150 each) *If you selected Broadway Roulette, you do not chose the show, just the date, but for significantly less than standard price.
Would you like to be on The Today Show? (Note: The line begins to form at 5am. Typically, this is a 3 hour event, including wait times)
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